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Fishermans Bend development should learn from the mistakes of the Docklands

Development plans for a new suburb at Fishermans Bend should learn from the Docklands’ mistakes.

The Docklands isn’t the most perfectly-designed locale, though it’s not the only precinct with flaws. Planning expert Bill Kusznirczuk says new developments always need to learn from errors of previous ones.

Mr Kusznirczuk told Ross and John there are three things that need to be at the heart of new development.

‘The plan’s got to be based on providing a human scale. That is, a suburb where people can do three things: live, work, and play,’ he said.

Mr Kusznirczuk said starting a new suburb from scratch can be a planners dream, but the plan on which the development is based must be solid.

He said an underground train station would be a good inclusion.

‘This project needs to provide connectivity. It can’t be developed on a precinct-by-precinct basis.’

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