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Five people killed after plane crashes into DFO building near Essendon Airport and bursts into flames

Five people are dead after a light plane crashed into the Essendon DFO building and burst into flames.

The aircraft suffered ‘catastrophic engine failure’ while taking off from Essendon Airport shortly before 9am on Tuesday.

It then slammed into the nearby DFO building.

‘I saw a ball of flames,’ one witness told Neil Mitchell immediately after the smash.

‘My heart’s racing.’

It’s been confirmed the five-person aircraft was a charter flight on the way to King Island.

Four American tourists and a pilot were on board at the time.

Police said a mayday call was made seconds before the crash.

Essendon Airport has been closed.

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Neil Mitchell received a statement from Spotlight shortly after the smash, which said its warehouse had been impacted.

All staff have been accounted for.

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