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FIXED! Julie Bishop helps Madison Pellow get her passport


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has intervened to help Madison Pellow make her trip of a lifetime to Disneyland.

Madison’s distressed mother turned to Neil Mitchell when the 18-year-old had not been issued her passport with less than 48 hours until their flights depart.

For years Madison, who has cerebral palsy, had dreamed of visiting Disneyland and doctors finally gave her the all-clear to fly in recent weeks.

But it looked like the trip wouldn’t happen due to ‘bureaucratic madness’ that couldn’t be sorted because the Passport Office would not speak about the case to her or Madison’s father because they are not the ‘applicant’.

So Neil Mitchell called in Ms Bishop, who pulled some strings.

‘It was resolved very quickly as soon as your program contacted my office yesterday,’ she reported on Thursday.

‘The Passport Office was following protocol, but you need a human touch.’

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Madison and mother Rachelle were thrilled.

‘We are extremely grateful to yourself and everyone that helped, Neil,’ Rachelle said.

‘We were really terrified yesterday; this has taken 18 years to get to this stage.

‘She’s already missed out once before (due to her health) and to have to tell again … would have been devastating.’

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