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Flashbacks, musicals and changes to a few streamers: Scott Ellis gives his latest recommendations!

dee dee dunleavy
Article image for Flashbacks, musicals and changes to a few streamers: Scott Ellis gives his latest recommendations!

Ok, so for a start, if you’re feeling nostalgic 9Now has relaunched the original series of Flying Doctors (six seasons up so far, more dropping soon) from the 1980s and Stan has resurrected the Brides Of Christ from the 1990s. And you know what? They still hold up! Best of all there’s been enough time that I’d completely forgotten some storylines so it’s all new.

And no, that’s not just me getting old, I spoke to Alex Papps who starred in Flying Doctors just this morning and he said the same thing happened to him, whole storylines he said it was like watching someone else because he had no memory of it…

And don’t ask me why, but It’s a musical kind of week! For a start The Beatles Get Back is stunning, it’s on Disney+ and if you’re even remotely interested in The Beatles you have to take a look.

Also in the music world, if you were a music festival goer in the 1990s there’s a fascinating documentary on Paramount+ called Oasis Knebworth 1996 which looks at the two gigs Oasis played when they were at the peak of their popularity. Told through interviews with the band, support acts and those who were there, it’s actually a fascinating look at festival culture and how so many remember things differently. Possibly because of just how they were enjoying the festival.

And for anyone who likes a singalong, Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas is on Stan from Thursday. This is the Christmas episode of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, about a woman who suddenly discovers she can hear peoples thoughts – as songs. This time everyone is thinking in carols and it’s a hoot.

Away from the singing… a couple of new shows with interesting industry stories behind them…

If you’re a Marvel movies fan, the latest addition has arrived on Disney+, Hawkeye starring Jeremy Renner as the famous archer and mercenary. Somehow – don’t ask, there’s too many spoilers – this is actually a pretty cool Christmas story told over six parts, with Hawkeye teaming up with a  young archer to fight enemies from his past and get home to his family for Christmas. Sounds like comic book dross (and it is) but brace yourself for more, Variety ran a survey this week and more than 60% of Disney+ subscribers said marvel content is either the only or the major reason they have an account.

Also telling is Paramount+ proudly announcing the release of Star Trek Discovery season 4 this week. Originally on Netflix, the series was poached spectacularly and is now part of a special Star Trek offer to new subscribers – sign up to watch Star Trek (and everything else) right now and you can get 50% off. This is the future, we’re rapidly heading to the point where you’ll need a different account for every show you love.

For crime lovers, take a look at Landscapers from next Wednesday (Dec 1) on Stan, starring Olivia Colman and David Thewlis as a couple very much in love but also, it turns out, very bonkers. There’s bodies in their garden, a fantasy world they live in and police trying to figure out what on earth the truth in their whole twisted world is. One of the most unsettling and fascinating murder mysteries in years.

Shark week is back… and they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Forget about insightful documentaries, some of the highlights here are comedian Tiffany Haddish cruising around on a yacht allegedly trying to discover the secrets of shark sex while “being pampered by handsome mermen”, a country singer visiting the Bahamas to see if sharks respond to sounds.. including his music however!! actually interesting is one special where Bob Irwin hitting the waters of Queensland to meet sharks. This is actually quite funny because Bob’s so excited they have to tell him to calm down when the sharks think his accelerated heart rate is panic and start paying more attention than is wanted.

dee dee dunleavy