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Flight safety concerns: CASA warned to ‘understand its role in life’

Australia’s aviation regulator has been told to “understand its role in life” amid fears a new bill could compromise safety.

Under the proposed Morrison government bill, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority will be asked to “consider the economic and cost impact on individuals, businesses and the community” when making aviation safety rules.

“As a passenger, I only want them to have one priority, and that’s passenger safety.”
– Ross Stevenson

Aviation experts fear it sets a dangerous precedent.

“CASA needs to understand what its role in life is, and that’s to provide the safest possible (and) secure aviation environment for Australia,” Neil Hansford, chairman of Strategic Aviation Solutions, told Ross and John.

Mr Hansford suggested CASA didn’t have a strong record of pushing back against government pressure.

“I think it’s called not having the gumption to fill the role that they are mandated (to fill) for the Australian people,” he said.

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