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Flight to nowhere: The novel way airlines are trying to ride out COVID-19

With most flights grounded due to COVID-19, airlines around the world are turning to novel ways to make money.

Some airlines are offering flights to nowhere, allowing people to board a plane and be served food, but never actually take flight.

Airline insider Brian Wilson says several airlines are offering the flight experience without the flight.

“This is something that’s actuality taken off all around the world,” he told Ross and Russel.

“You’ve got Thai Airways, you’ve got Singapore about to do it … quite a lot of Asian airlines have been doing this for quite a while.

“The most complained about food in the world is now the most desired!”

In Japan, there is even a restaurant dedicated to the airline experience.

“You pay top dollar for it as well, so it is desirable,” Mr Wilson said.

Mr Wilson also has an idea for how airlines could make money here in Melbourne.

“We’ve lost the footy … I’m thinking about deck chairs out on the observation deck out at Tullamarine, airline food trays brought to you on the deck chair as you look out over the airport, and for each freight aircraft coming in and out you actually hold up a score card for the pilot,” he said.

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