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Flinders, Lonsdale and King Street to become ‘no go’ zones for cyclists

Three CBD streets have been declared ‘no go ‘ zones for cyclists in a major drive by the Melbourne City Council to cut the number of deaths and injuries. 

The draft plan would also see an extension of 40kp/h zones to include Royal Parade.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle told Neil Mitchell the proposal would clearly spell out the streets cyclists should avoid.

‘And the obvious ones are King St ? because of the traffic, Lonsdale ? because of the buses, and Flinders ? because it’s actually a very difficult mix of parking, traffic, trams and the narrowness of the road,’ he said on 3AW Mornings.

But the plan has been savaged by cyclist groups as being ‘pro car’.

‘I can’t win, can I?’ Cr Doyle said.

LISTEN: Robert Doyle explains the full proposal on 3AW Mornings