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Premier and top cop in studio with Tony Jones

Tony Jones

The Premier and Acting Chief Commissioner joined Tony Jones in the studio in the aftermath of the Flinders Street incident yesterday.

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said while the 32-year-old suspect had not been formally interviewed the man had made what he’d describe as “utterances”.

“Some of those utterances speak of voices, dreams, but also attributing his actions to the treatment of Muslims around the world,” he said.

“We didn’t have any intelligence to suggest this was coming.

“We haven’t identified anything in his past to date that would indicate his involvement with terrorist activity.”

Mr Patton also confirmed the man is an Australian citizen.

“He’s of Afghan descent, he came to Australia in 2004,” he said.

“So when you say, we’re stuck with him, he’s an Australian citizen so yes.”

The Premier rejected claims Melbourne had become a “soft target” for attacks.

“Nothing we do can make every space 100 per cent safe,” Mr Andrews said.

“I will not accept the notion that anything about Victoria Police, or anything about our resolve to make the place as safe as we can, as soft.

“If you wanted to try and bollard off every tram line, you just couldn’t run a tram network.

“I think enough is being done.”

The Premier said three people remain in a critical condition.

Among the injured are people from South Korea, India, Italy, Venezuala, and New Zealand.

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Dep. Commissioner Patton also clarified some information surrounding a second arrest.

“A 24-year-old male was seen filming, and I was told he ran,” he said.

“He was found with knives on him.

“We don’t believe he was involved in this matter at all. His footage may be valuable.”

He was charged with drug possession and weapons offences.

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Tony Jones