Food Trends for 2016


In 2015 we were obsessed with Nutella, but what will be on the lips of every Melburnian this year? 

Ross and Kate were joined by Tacey Rychter, editor of Broadsheet Melbourne, on A Moveable Fest to discuss the upcoming food trends of 2016. 

Some fads they reckon we’ll be seeing…

  • Soft serve icecream presented in a new way.
    Check out: Pierre’s Spot 
  • Wine bars, in particular hybrid between wine bars and restaurants
    Check out: Embla 
  • Artisanal shops 
    Check out: the Craft and Co
  • Bottled cocktails – pre made, ready to serve cocktails
    Check out: Heartbreaker

Listen here: 



What food trends have you noticed, or think will take off in 2016?

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