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Footy fan living in Seymour finds she no longer qualifies for a country membership

A Demons supporter who lives in Seymour was surprised to find out she no longer qualifies for a country membership with the club.

Cheryl Bishop contacted Neil Mitchell and said she wouldn’t be renewing her membership with Melbourne.

To qualify for a country membership, she said she now needs to live 120 kilometres from the city.

Seymour falls short, at 98 kilometres from Melbourne.

‘I received my membership a couple of weeks ago and was a bit surprised to see Seymour doesn’t count as a country member anymore,’ she said.

‘It was $130 last year to be a country member, now it’s $209.

‘The thing I can’t understand is how can a footy club decide what is country and what is metro.’

Neil Mitchell questioned whether it was an AFL rule, rather than an issue specific to the club.

Listen: Cheryl Bishop tells Neil Mitchell why she won’t be renewing her membership