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Richmond cheer squad calls for official guidelines on footy crowd conduct

A debate has ignited around what is and is not acceptable conduct at the footy, after a string of crowd member evictions and bans.

The Richmond cheer squad has called on the AFL to provide an official list of words that are not acceptable, and the AFL Fans Association has thrown its support behind it.

Gerry Eeman, President of the AFL Fans Association, said there has been a cultural change at the AFL in the past year.

“Something is changing,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“Things that were acceptable to be said at the football last year are clearly not acceptable this year, because people are getting kicked out.”

Mr Eeman said behaviour guidelines are needed.

“We’re not having much clarity,” he said.

“It seems like there’s been an edict, but fans haven’t been told about it.”

Mr Eeman told 3AW Breakfast the easiest way to ensure fans will boo is to tell them not to.

“When you tell fans not to boo, a certain portion of fans will boo for the sole fact that you’ve told them not to.

“It’s counterproductive.”

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