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FOR AND AGAINST: Why Dee Dee Dunleavy questions whether Big Brother would work in modern Australia

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Big Brother is rumoured to be set for a return to Australian TV screens, but Dee Dee Dunleavy has questioned whether it could succeed in 2019.

She said there’s one major stumbling block for the reality program.

“The world is much more PC than when it started,” the 3AW host pointed out during the TV segment on 3AW Mornings.

“And it’s the sort of show that needs controversy to rate.”

Dee Dee said there’d be a few factors TV executives would be considering about whether to bring it back.


  • There’s a time slot open on Channel 7 with Sunday Night being axed.
  • Channel 7 would have no trouble casting – “every man and his dog wants to be an influencer these days”.
  • Voting will be a lot easier with the use of apps and social media, rather than phone calls.


  • Social media has led to people “watching other people’s lives” now on the internet.
  • The world is much more PC than when it was last on. Controversies would lead to calls for the show to be pulled.
  • They need a new house. (The one on the Gold Coast burned down)
  • It’s expensive to produce.

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