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Foreign-born crims saved from deportation after serving time in Australia

Several sex offenders, a murderer, a Chinese Triad member, four armed robbers and 17 other violent thugs are among the latest criminals saved from deportation.

Keith Moor, insight editor for the Herald Sun, told Ross and John in each case the foreign-born crooks were rescued by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Keith’s story details 34 cases involving serious offenders since June last year in which the AAT overturned visa cancelling decisions made by delegates for the Home Affairs and Immigration ministers.

“Among the reasons are because they have lived most of their life in Australia, because they’ve been raised in Australia, that Australia has the responsibility to look after them,” he said.

“Even though they’ve committed horrendous crimes.”

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Among the 34 cases are:

• Kenyan-born killer and British citizen Paul Jason Margach, who was jailed for 17 years after murdering his wife Tina by repeatedly stabbing her in front of one of their two young children at their Ascot Vale home.

• A Chinese triad organised crime gang member — who the AAT decided not to name — who was jailed for 13 years after being convicted of trafficking a commercial quality of ecstasy and possessing ice.

• African-born sex offender Malipo Muyobe who has convictions for unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl aged under 14.