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Forget magpies, this is Australia’s most aggressive bird

Forget magpies, the noisy miner is Australia’s most destructive bird.

Neil Mitchell says he’s constantly swooped by the native Australian bird, often confused with the introduced Indian myna, when walking his dog.

“They get a bit of bad press, the magpie. I think the noisy miner is worse,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“The magpies watch us walk past. If the dog is on a lead it’s not a threat.

“The noisy miners are like kamikaze pilots. They are the worst birds for attacks!

“Occasionally they even hit the dog!”

Vermont resident, Melinda, said a noisy miner terrorises her neighbourhood.

“We think we’re under siege at this time every year. We always say ‘comrades, get your sticks ready! When we walk past we have to wave our sticks and it still attacks,” she told Neil Mitchell.

She said her 11-year-old son was attacked by the aggressive bird, which pulled out his hair.

“Now he’s too scared to walk up that hill and to go out there and play in the school holidays,” Melinda said.

“It’s the worst. It’s vile. I hate it.”