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Forgo parking permits for $100 Myki cards: Glen Eira council proposes incentives for residents to ditch cars 

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Glen Eira residents may be offered incentives to forgo parking permits.

Glen Eira City Council has put forward a draft policy to shake up parking in the area, in order to cope with population growth.

Under the plan, residents who were eligible for parking permits, but chose to forgo them, would receive $100 Myki cards to use on public transport.

Households would be eligible for either two or three parking permits, depending on how close they live to public transport and whether or not there is parking space available on their property.

The first permit would be free for households, and additional permits could be purchased for a fee.

The Myki scheme would be funded via money raised from the purchase of additional permits.

Glen Eira Mayor, Councillor Jamie Hyams, said the change is necessary to cope with population growth.

“If projections go the way they are, we’re going to have 30,000 more people in Glen Eira from 2016 to 2030, and 22,000 more cars on the road,” he said.

Cr Jamie Hyams said the policy will be put to a vote at council early next year.

If it goes ahead, the proposed changes won’t apply to all of Glen Eira.

“It’s only the areas where it’s particularly busy, around shopping strips and so on,” Cr Hyams said.

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