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Former army chief David Morrison named Australian Of The Year

The Australian Of The Year says we shouldn’t stop celebrating Australia Day, but need to be mindful of the ’emotional conflict’ it causes some Australians.

Former Australian Army Chief David Morrison spoke with Neil Mitchell on Tuesday after being awarded the country’s top gong for his work in promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

The 3AW Mornings host started by asking Mr Morrison how he felt about a number of protests taking place across Australia today.

‘For many of our indigenous brothers and sisters, this is a day of emotional conflict,’ Mr Morrison explained.

‘But we shouldn’t stop celebrating Australia Day and thinking about what it means for all of us to be Australian.

‘We just need to do it with respect and respecting their views, as well.’

Mr Morrison also sought to clarify comments he made on Monday night about his support for a republic, which have gained plenty of attention.

‘I don’t see my role as being a spokesman about anything,’ he explained.

‘I raised the issue of the republic last night, but not seeking to be contentious.

‘I was simply making a point.’

He also:

  • Labelled domestic violence the ‘great social issue of our time’ and something ‘we all’ need to stop.
  • Highlighted the importance of workplace diversity – ‘we all benefit from it.’
  • Thanked the ‘remarkable’ Rosie Batty for her work as his predecessor. 
  • Spoke about his heritage

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