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Former Bomber’s lawyer expects more legal action against Essendon

The lawyer for former Bomber Hal Hunter says he would be ‘very surprised’ if other Essendon players didn’t also take legal action against the club.

Hunter is currently being treated for depression and anxiety as a result of the uncertainty of what he was injected with during the club’s infamous supplement regime.

Prof Patrick Keyzer told Ross and John he understands other players are considering their legal options.

‘Hal doesn’t know how this is going to affect his future,’ Prof Keyzer.

‘I would be very surprised if there weren’t other players who are experiencing the same sort of difficulties that Hal has.’

Prof Keyzer said Essendon has been ‘playing silly games’ in court when asked for records of the regime.

‘These are documents that concern the health and wellbeing of a human being,’ he said.

‘We’re amazed that they’re taking this approach. It’s shocking.

‘We received seven further documents last week.

‘Their lawyers went to court in October and said ‘the club says they’ve provided you with everything’.

‘There’s something fishy going on.’

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