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Former Greens leader says latest bungles will only make the party stronger

Former Greens leader Bob Brown says the latest crisis to engulf the party will only make it stronger.

He said he wasn’t concerned about the resignations of Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters damaging the Greens’ credibility with voters.

“It’ll come out of this stronger,” Mr Brown told 3AW Drive.

“It will go to the election as a real option to the old parties on big issues like the Adani coal mine and refugees and so on.”

Ludlam and Waters were forced to resign from the Senate after it was revealed they held dual citizenships.

It means they were unlawfully elected.

“There wasn’t anything malicious, or nasty, about it,” Mr Green said in their defence.

“But that’s the rules and they’re paying the penalty for it.”

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