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Former homicide detective Ron Iddles previews the first episode of ‘The Good Cop’

The decorated career of former homicide detective Ron Iddles has been transformed into a new TV series, which begins on Foxtel this Thursday.

Ron told Ross and John the first episode features a young reporter who is often heard on 3AW Breakfast.

Ron credits Age reporter Tammy Mills, when she was at the Shepparton News, with bringing a cold case to his attention.

The case was that of then 16-year-old girl Michelle Buckingham in 1983, which Ron and his team subsequently solved.

“She (Tammy) kept pestering me so eventually I drove up and saw her,” Ron said.

“As a result a man came forward and said I’ve kept a secret for 30 years, it’s my brother-in-law.

“It was the articles that Tammy wrote but in particular one day she had a photo of Elvira, Michelle’s mum, on the front page of the paper

“The brother-in-law at that time worked part time in a newsagents at 3am rolling newspapers.

“So he’s rolling newspapers and says to himself, ‘I can’t keep this secret to myself any longer’.”

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