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Former Labor government warned about veto clauses in future firefighter deals

It’s been revealed the former Labor government was specifically warned about the controversial veto clauses in future firefighter deals.

In 2001, the CFA and MFB began the process to purchase new protective clothing when Australian standards changed.

However, the process took more than seven years. Former county court judge Gordon Lewis was asked by the former Labor government to review why.

Mr Lewis found the UFU had consistently taken advantage of the controversial ‘consult and agree’ clauses in the EBA to veto attempts to improve clothing and equipment with which it did not agree.

He recommended the term ‘agree’ be removed from any future EBA.

Despite this, MFB chiefs say the current proposed EBA has 150 references to ‘consult and agree’, up from 82 in 2010.

The CFA deal had 50.

Mr Lewis told Neil Mitchell he thought it would be a simple change.

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