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Former Labor Party president hits Sam Dastyari with both barrels

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Former Australian Labor Party president Warren Mundine has given Sam Dastyari an almighty whack on his way out of the Senate.

He said Mr Dastyari “lost the plot” and was entirely responsible for his own political demise.

Mr Mundine was in studio to discuss his new book when news of Dastyari’s resignation was announced.

“Unfortunately, he was becoming the face of Australian politics,” Mr Mundine said on 3AW.

“This thing about being popular and about power, rather than being about the people and the job you should be doing for the people.

“Unfortunately, that’s the way they’re acting now.

“He got himself in trouble.

“Every time he had to stand down it was a self-inflicted wound.

“He lost the plot.”

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The pair had a rocky relationship when Mundine was ALP president, a relationship that ultimately led to Mr Mundine quitting the party in 2012.

“Probably the only honest thing he said today was that the Labor Party has given him more than he gave the Labor Party,” Mr Mundine said.

He went on to play a word association game featuring several political names, including Mark Latham, Tony Abbott and of course, Sam Dastyari.

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