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Former Olympian tells Neil Mitchell she’d be stunned if athletes ‘dobbed in’ teammates

A former Olympian says she’d be stunned if any Australian athlete took advice to ‘dob in’ others they thought were using drugs.

ASADA has urged Australian athletes to ‘stand up’ and ‘dob in’ teammates they suspect might be using performance enhancing substances at the Rio Olympics.

But Jane Fleming, who went to two Olympics, has reservations.

She was concerned it could potentially open up a can of worms with disgruntled athletes and said it was up to ASADA to do its job properly.

‘I honestly can’t envisage any (athlete) doing it,’ she said on 3AW Mornings.

‘If they did, it would be a minority.

‘I daresay it would be people who are disgruntled with the system or disgruntled because they haven’t been selected.’

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