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Former PM Tony Abbott says the Coalition is doing well, despite a fall in the polls

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the government has had a ‘pretty good’ fortnight, despite the latest opinion poll showing the Coalition is struggling.

The Newspoll reveals the Government’s primary vote is now below when Mr Abbott was in charge, and the Opposition holds a 4 point lead after preferences

Mr Abbott has told Neil Mitchell, as long as the Coalition delivers on its promises, then polls should improve.

‘We can always do better, but I know as far as the government and prime minister is concerned it has been a good fortnight…’

‘…I think we are lifting the work rate when it comes to getting out there and constantly telling people what we’re trying to do.’ – Mr Abbott told 3AW Mornings.

It has been more than a year since Abbott was in power, he says he still carries ‘scar tissue’ after being ousted as leader.

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