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Two in five parents regret the school they chose for their children

Forty per cent of parents regret their choice of school for their children, and would choose a different school if they had the choice again.

Research conducted by The Centre for Independent Studies found parents with children in government schools were less likely to be happy with their choice than those with children in the private school system.

Researcher Glenn Fahey said many parents have very little choice when choosing a school.

“If you’re attending a government school you have, sometimes, almost no choice,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“In a free and open country like ours we shouldn’t be forced to attend a school simply because it’s close to our home.”

Parents with children in their final years of school were the most likely to report being dissatisfied with their choice of school.

Those with kids in the Catholic system were most likely to be happy with their choice.

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