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Foster carers needed for cutest crime-fighting pups this side of the border


The Australian Border Force is urgently searching for volunteer foster carers to provide a home for the next generation of Detector Dogs.

All costs associated with caring for the pup, including food, veterinary needs and equipment will be covered by the ABF.

In return, foster carers must provide a safe home for the pup and get them used to the sights, sounds and smells of their urban or suburban areas.

To become a foster carer you need to be over 18-years-old and live in Melbourne, preferably in the northern and western suburbs.

Carers must:

  • be committed to homing and caring for a pup for 14 to 18 months
  • maintain the pup’s health and conduct regular health checks
  • have a safe and secure yard that is at least 10 by 5 metres
  • be able to provide the pup with a minimum of three specific socialisation experiences each week, including but not limited to playgrounds, shopping centres, train stations and sporting events
  • be able to walk the pup at least once a day
  • have a yard that is accessible if you are not home
  • have a car to transport the pup

The dogs are trained to search for narcotics and precursors, currency, explosives, firearms and tobacco in luggage, mail, vehicles and on people.

Last year our the Detector Dog teams made 1,974 detections of illicit substances and prohibited items across airports, sea ports and postal gateways.

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