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Four Scotch College students suspended for marijuana possession

Four students at Scotch College have been suspended and could be expelled after being found on campus with marijuana.

This morning Adam Voigt, former principal and Education & School Leadership Expert, told Ross and John that the incident has made front page news because it occurred at such a prestigious school.

“There are many kids having issues with drugs and families having issues trying to get their kids off drugs in places that are not getting this kind of attention,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter how much you pay to send your kids to school, it’s no insurance against really bad decisions.”

Mr Voigt said that students caught with marijuana shouldn’t necessarily be expelled.

“It should be a case-by-case scenario. There is being caught with marijuana, then there’s using it, then there’s distributing it, then there’s selling it, so there’s various degrees of what’s going on…we should be able to make a smart decision based on all the evidence.”

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