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“Frankly that’s unworthy of you”: Attorney General and Neil Mitchell’s heated election issue exchange

The Attorney General and Neil Mitchell have had a fiery exchange over numerous election issues, after Martin Pakula became the first Andrews minister to agree to speak on 3AW Mornings since the campaign started.

Neil asked Mr Pakula if he believed the public deserved to know Bourke St terrorist Shire Ali was on bail at the time of the attack.

“The responsibility for divulging that sort of information lies with the Chief Commissioner and we left it to the Chief Commissioner to make those decisions,” Mr Pakula said.

“That is a matter for police to update the public on.

“Neil, I don’t talk about things that are said in cabinet sub-committee meetings.”

“And there was no thought in your mind that we better keep this quiet until after the election?” Neil asked.

“Neil, absolutely not, I resent the implication and frankly that’s unworthy of you,” Mr Pakula replied.

Neil and Mr Pakula covered other topics including;

  • Terror arrests
  • The Premier’s presence at terror news conference
  • The so-called Red Shirts Rort
  • The North Richmond safe injecting room
  • Fines Victoria
  • East West Link

Mr Pakula also maintained his confidence the Andrews Government would be re-elected on Saturday.

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