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‘Free fall’: New polls bad news for Turnbull, who might be challenged by a man Ross and John don’t know

A new poll shows the Coalition’s vote is in free fall.

The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll shows support for the government has crashed, which has fueled speculation that Mr Dutton will be urged to challenge Malcolm Turnbull.

  • Labor has opened a 10-point lead after preferences.
  • The Coalition suffered a horror slump in its primary vote from 39 to 33 per cent.
  • The poll also showed Malcolm Turnbull’s personal support tumbled from 57 to 48 per cent as preferred PM.
  • Bill Shorten’s popularity surged from 30 to 36 per cent.

The result came after cabinet ministers met in Canberra last night to discuss changes to energy policy in the hope of quelling internal unrest.

It is understood Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has taken soundings from his colleagues over the weekend, and may already have secured enough numbers to challenge Mr Turnbull for the leadership.

Mr Dutton may prove popular in his home state of Queensland, possibly even NSW, but Ross and John reckon there’s every chance no one in Victoria knows who he is.

And they found it all pretty hilarious/depressing/symbolic that such a no-name could take our country’s highest office.

Ross: Did you have any idea this was going on? No one would have the faintest idea who Peter Dutton is.
Burnso: Nor why he’s poised.
Ross: Anyway, he may well be our next Prime Minister, such is the way that Australian politics works, where you rotate your midfield through the bench.
Burnso: Based purely on polls.

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