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Free thinking: Melbourne mayor Sally Capp’s bold idea for trams and trains

Melbourne’s Lord Mayor has raised the idea of making the entire public transport system free.

Parliament is currently considering a proposal to widen the free tram zone in the CBD.

Sally Capp told Neil Mitchell she receives an “amazing” amount of feedback from residents and visitors about the free tram system being half-pregnant.

“(Users say) ‘This is fantastic but it doesn’t quite take us to some of those major attractions’,” Ms Capp said.

“I would love to see it extended to those major tourism precincts.

“If people could have lunch in Lygon Street and go to the NGV travelling on tram for free (or) come from the convention centre over to a footy game at the MCG, that would be fantastic.”

But she said the conversation should not stop there.

“Wouldn’t it be great if our entire public transport system was free,” Ms Capp floated.

“I don’t know how, economically, that stacks up so I’m really just putting it out there, but I do feel all the costs that goes into the ticket inspectors et cetera, there’s at least an in-between here.”

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