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Freight of Aussie perishables into Asia halted due to baby formula demand

A leading horticultural exporter has told Ross and John there is no room on planes for Aussie exporters to ship perishables to Asia due to the heightened demand for baby formula.

David Mannis told Ross and John that in the last twelve months the demand has gotten so great that space on planes usually taken up by fruit and other vegetables has been filled.

Mr Mannis said that usually freighters would create demand in China for our produce by starting off the season with a shipment, but so far there’s been no room to ship as those exporting infant formula into China will pay a freight premium.

‘We normally start a fruit season with seasonal cherries, stone fruit and asparagus, all highly perishable and we move that through to Asia’ Mr Mannis said.

‘It’s every route into Asia.’

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