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Fresh report renews push to slash blood alcohol limit to ZERO in Australia

There’s a renewed push to cut the blood alcohol limit to zero for Australian drivers.

And Neil Mitchell believes the latest research is the most “credible” he’s seen on the matter.

The hard-line approach comes from the peak transport and traffic agency, AustRoads, in a new report.

They say it’s inevitable and will have to happen if the government wants to deliver on the promise of zero fatalities by 2050.

Road safety guru Eric Howard told Neil Mitchell the evidence was clear that it would work.

“You prevent people from having a couple of drinks and then getting a bit carried away and keeping on drinking,” he explained.

“Having a separation totally of drinking and driving does cut out your top-end, to some extent.”

Mr Howard said the data showed drivers were seven times more likely to have a crash with a small amount of alcohol in their system, compared with none.

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