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Snakes in the suburbs: Huge tiger snake spotted in Melbourne’s inner-west

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Image: Facebook/@Stewysnakecatcher

A frightening discovery was made in inner Melbourne on Sunday.

A dangerous tiger snake was found by construction workers in Spotswood.

The snake was discovered underneath the West Gate Bridge, where workers are clearing land for the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Snake catcher Stewart Gatt was called to remove the snake, which he said was double the size of the tiger snakes he usually relocates.

“Being in a good paddock, tiger snakes do grow that big, we just don’t see them that often in suburbia,” he told 3AW’s Tony Jones.

Mr Gatt said snake season is in full swing.

He caught nine snakes in Melbourne’s west on Friday alone.

“We’ve been getting called for the last month, for four or five weeks now,” he said.

“We’ve already located over 30 or 40 snakes.

“If we get a nice, sunny 18 or 19 degree day, well, the snakes are going to be out sunning themselves.”

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