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Frozen veggies recalled after possible listeria outbreak

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A number of frozen vegetables have been recalled from Australian supermarkets over a possible listeria scare.

Originating from Belgium and Hungary, the affected products have been removed from shelves in Woolworths, IGA, Aldi and some independent supermarkets.

The full list of recalled products has been reported in the Herald Sun.

A range of frozen corn, peas, carrots and mixed veggies have been pulled after a listeria outbreak in Europe killed nine people and left dozens ill.

Deadly listeria bacteria linked to food killed six people in NSW and Victoria earlier this year.

Lorraine Haase, spokesperson for Food Standards Australia New Zealand, told 3AW Breakfast the vegetables shouldn’t be eaten raw.

“We do know anecdotally that some people do eat frozen food straight from the packet,” Lorraine said.

“This recall is really important for vulnerable consumers, so people who are pregnant, immune-compromised and more frail, elderly people.

“They’re at much greater risk from listeria infection.”

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