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Frustrations growing over lack of CCTV on Victoria Street, Abbotsford

Frustration is growing in the City of Yarra over the council’s delay in installing CCTV cameras on the notorious Victoria Street strip in Abbotsford.

The council has been offered a 12-month trial from the state government at ‘minimal cost’ but will instead ‘consider’ a motion pushing for a report first.

3AW Drive host Tom Elliott said he couldn’t understand the delay, or need for a report.

The City of Yarra rejected calls for CCTV in 2011, despite admitting ‘drug-related activities’ were an issue in the area.

It hasn’t been put to council since.

Former City of Yarra Mayor Phillip Vlahogiannis conceded it was fair to ask why it had taken so long.

‘It’s a good question,’ he said on 3AW Drive.

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