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Full interview: Fraser Anning questioned over St Kilda rally presence

Nick, Rita and Kevin

Queensland senator Fraser Anning says he participated in Saturday’s rally at St Kilda because he believes African gangs are now a problem in his state.

Mr Anning used taxpayer money to travel to Victoria and stand alongside the extreme right-wing mob, which only drew about 100 angry protesters despite days of rallying for support.

However, among the protesters was at least two men who used the Nazi salute.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has condemned the demonstration, labelling it an ugly racial protest.

Mr Anning hit back.

“It was peaceful, people protesting the fact the government is not doing enough to curb this violence and attacks,” he said.

“Whatever wants to say that’s entirely up to him.

“What’s he doing about it? He hasn’t started to discriminate and we need a discriminatory immigration policy.”

Mr Anning claimed the people making Nazi salutes were anti-racism protesters, despite very clear evidence to the contrary.

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Nick, Rita and Kevin