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FULL INTERVIEW: Malcolm Turnbull speaks with Neil Mitchell, denies ‘misleading’ Australia on superannuation

The Prime Minister has denied misleading Australians on superannuation.

Malcolm Turnbull spoke with Neil Mitchell on Friday.

The 3AW Mornings host questioned Mr Turnbull on what ‘iron clad’ meant, given he told listeners in the lead up to the election the Coalition’s policy on super wouldn’t change.

It since has.

Neil Mitchell: ‘You said this was ‘iron clad’ and wouldn’t change?

Malcolm Turnbull: ‘Are you accusing me of doing a bit of welding around the sides?’

Neil Mitchell: ‘I’m accusing you of misleading us.’

The PM said it was a reality of the parliament that his party needed to be open to change.

‘The reality is the Australian people elected the 45th parliament ? we do not have a majority in the Senate and we will need to negotiate and compromise on most issues,’ Mr Turnbull explained.

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