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Full Interview: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell has grilled Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the day after he began the process for a Federal election.

Mr Turnbull said the election will be centred around managing the economy in its transition from a mining focus to a more diverse one.

‘That’s what we’re delivering,’ Mr Turnbull said.

‘An economy that is driven by innovation, by greater productivity, by open markets, and by more entrepreneurship.’

Mr Turnbull said he hopes former Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be supportive during the campaign.

On Monday night, Mr Abbott said Mr Turnbull would be ‘running on the Abbott government’s very strong record’.

But he didn’t sound convinced the former PM’s contribution would be positive.

Neil: Do you think he’s a plus or minus for you?

PM: It depends what he says, frankly.

Neil: Are you going to have a word to him about that? He does sound a little bit of a loose cannon?

PM: I can see the line of country you’re drawing me into, and I’m going to decline the invitation.

Neil: I think that’s an answer. 

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