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Full interview: Scott Morrison tells Neil Mitchell we are ‘well-prepared’ but ‘not immune’ to coronavirus

Prime Minster Scott Morrison has urged Australians to go about their normal business despite the continued spread of COVID-19.

Mr Morrison upgraded Australia’s response to the coronavirus yesterday, saying it will now be treated as the “pandemic” it anticipates it will become.

The impacts are spreading and worsening for some nations, including in Italy where 17 people have died at 650 have been infected.

Mr Morrison today told Neil Mitchell in a phone interview that Australia was “well prepared” but “not immune”.

“We’re staying ahead of this,” he said.

“You don’t need to get around wearing masks.

“We’re not immune … but Australia is very well-prepared for this.”

Mr Morrison “wouldn’t speculate” as to whether the world was heading to a global recession, but did signal financial difficulties locally.

“(COVID-19) is breaking down supply chains. It’s not just tourism, it’s not just students.

“We’re in for a difficult time, economically.”

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