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Gallery: Classic car owners push back against calls for rule change

There’s a campaign to get cars older than 15 years off the road.

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program says the new push is based on safety.

Program chief James Goodwin says it could help reduce the road toll.

“Older cars are over-represented in these fatality crashes,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“We aren’t talking about classic cars, they don’t appear in the stats at all, but what we’re talking about are very average 1990s (and) early 2000s vehicles.”

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PHOTO GALLERY: It prompted a backlash from Neil Mitchell listeners, who subsequently started sending in photos of their classic cars.

Above: Nik’s 1983 Mazda Rx7

Above: 1969 Ford LTD 2 Door

Above: Mal’s 1966 Lincoln Continental

Above: Robert’s 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

Above: Sam’s 1984 Holden Statesman

Above: Jason’s 1928 Amodel

Above: Chris’s 1978 HX Holden

Above: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro