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Gallery: Neil Mitchell made the mistake of asking whether people take photos of their dogs

Add this to the list of stupid ‘Days’: World dog photography day.

It’s today. And in mentioning this fact, Neil Mitchell made the big mistake of suggesting listeners send in photos of their dogs.

So without any further ado…

Above: Katie and Tippyalice with large amount of stuffed toys.

Above from Daryl: “This is my beautiful boy Harrison. He’s a 17-month-old chocolate Labrador. Named after Beatle George.”

Above: This fellow wasn’t named in the email but he looks like a very good boy.

Above: “Two of Rosebuds most wanted” Aimus said of his dog Diesel and this unnamed cat.

Above: From Kirsten.

Above: Boomer, owned by David.

Above: Archie is the Cavalier and Daisy is the Dalmatian. Owner Conor says they are his children.

Above from Debbie: “Some photos of my dogs, I love taking photos of them and have thousands of photos”.

Above: Buddy, via Kirsten

Above: Not sure what this dog’s name is but he looks pretty happy with himself (via Kirsten)

Above: Christina reckons “they broke the mould when Zach was born!”

Above: Sasha, Buddy and Diesel!

Above: This is Cool CJ, owned by Ian. He is wearing sunglasses.

Above: Jan says Murphy, 5, thinks he is a person because he doesn’t like dog food and prefers pasta.

Above: These are Richard Stolinski’s pups.

Above: Harper, 14, is pictured here with Ollie the pussy cat.

Above: Mark says “This is my parents’ dog on a set of scales.” Thanks Mark!

Above: Sharyn shared this photo her “beautiful six-month-old Rottweiler Abby who unfortunately won’t be looking this happy later today as this was taken this morning on our way for her desexing”. Best of luck with it all, Abby.

Above: J. Topalis sent us this photo of Dash

Above: Liz owns KoKo and Milo and she’s taken this photo of them.

Above: This is Angie’s dog Pippa with the food she plans to eat for dinner.

Above: Glenn says “this is my beastie Panda contemplating life on her favourite step”. I wonder what Panda is thinking.

Above: Emily has sent us this photo Dartanian. Dartanian is sitting.

Above: This is Lincoln’s German wirededhaired pointer

And to round things out, below is Neil Mitchell’s doggo, Scallywag.