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Game of Thrones the most illegally downloaded show

The premiere episode of the new Game of Thrones’ season has become the most watched episode in Australian subscription TV history.

The highly-anticipated return of the HBO series aired on Foxtel this week reaching over 700,000 viewers and that figure is expected to climb to above a million.

But the show, which has a cult following, is also the most illegally downloaded program around the world and Australians are among the worst offenders.

John Stanton, CEO of Communcations Alliance, told Ross and Burnso he was not surprised at the the figures.

‘It has been the series that is most subject to online copyright infringement around the world including Australia,’ he told Ross and John.

Mr Stanton dismissed speculation that the ratings would not be as strong if Game of Thrones were to air on free-to-air.

‘My guess is it would rate its socks off.’

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