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Taser gang: Teenager mugged, shocked by young thieves

A young Melton man has told Neil Mitchell how a gang of young thieves chased him down before stunning him with a taser gun last night.

Police are investigating claims David*, aged 19, was mugged by six youths, some in school uniforms.

Police are concerned this could be a trend.
– Neil Mitchell

They took his wallet and phone.

He was also shocked with a taser to his ribs. The shock was felt through a one-inch jacket.

The photo above shows his injuries.

“It was pretty terrifying,” he told Neil Mitchell.

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His mother posted a warning on a Melton community Facebook page last night.

“Please be careful on the streets tonight,” she wrote.

“Police have been notified and have been brilliant, I just want to make sure people are aware.”

Today she told Neil Mitchell she later confronted the suspects in a food court.

Their images were captured on CCTV and handed to police.

*3AW has confirmed the victim’s identity, but have not used it