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Gang of youths storm supermarket in Melbourne’s south-east

A mother-of-three has told Neil Mitchell she was “terrified” when a gang of brazen teenagers stormed a Cranbourne supermarket, stealing stock and intimidating staff.

Alicia Fulcher was shopping with her children, aged six, two and three-weeks old, about 5.30pm Saturday at the Spring Hill shopping centre Coles, when the gang stampeded through the store.

“All of a sudden this large crowd of basically teenagers just started crashing their way through the registers with arms full of stock,” Alicia said.

“They started to get a little bit aggressive and a little bit abusive to staff and a couple of customers who tried to stop them.

“I was terrified.”

Alicia said there appeared to be at least 20 teenagers involved.

“Some of them looked as young as 11-12 years old.

“They were all African.”

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Listener Debbie said she too witnessed the incident, saying the group showed no fear of being caught, comparing their stolen items a short distance from the supermarket.

She said she called Triple Zero and police arrived, but they were too late.

“I was petrified, they had no fear, they knew the police were coming,” Debbie said.

“They had no fear whatsoever.”

It follows a spate of recent incidents, similar to those at Kathmandu and Officeworks, where teenagers have stormed through shops and stolen items, seemingly with no fear of retribution.

Victoria Police confirmed they are investigating the incident.