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Gang of youths terrify train passengers at Lynbrook

3AW News


Police say no offences were detected after they were called to Lynbrook to disperse groups of youths who gathered in a park before fleeing to the nearby train station.

They were initially called to reports of an assault at Banjo Paterson Park at around 7.30am.

Up to 10 police cars arrived to find dozens of young people in the park.

Witnesses took to Facebook and claimed as many as 100 youths were involved, later fighting between themselves, yelling and holding doors open at the train station.

Police say no offences were detected, no victims of any assaults came forward and no arrests were made.

They continued to monitor the youths for the next couple of hours.

Witness Kelly told 3AW News says she initially saw the young people hiding in the bushes.

She said the train driver was trying to leave the platform while some of the group held the doors open, and they were “screaming and yelling”.

“The PSOs were standing on the opposite platform, watching it all happen and the train driver was stuck at the front, all he could do was beep he can’t go because he can’t close his doors,” she said.

3AW News