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Gangs smashing into homes looking to steal luxury cars across Melbourne

FIRST ON 3AW: A taskforce has been set up by police to combat a recent spate of terrifying home invasions.

It was revealed on 3AW Mornings organised gangs were forcing their way into homes across Melbourne to steal keys to luxury cars.

Another victim of a shocking attack shared their story with Neil Mitchell on Thursday.

Michael said he confronted two intruders in his own kitchen at Berwick around 7.45am on a Sunday mornings.

That news followed reports of two similar incidents this week, with a family forced to hold their door shut as two men armed with baseball bats tried to force their way inside.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill told Neil Mitchell the taskforce was set up to deal with the issue late last year.

To date, 33 people have been arrested. 20 of those are still in custody.

Asst Commissioner Hill said the offenders were generally ‘thrill seekers’ who stole a car, took it for a joy-ride, before dumping it near the home of their next victim.

He said many were inspired by video games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

‘It’s something that’s occurred in the US,’ he explained.

‘We’re certainly seeing it now in Victoria and across Australia, for that matter.’

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