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Geelong Council sacking ‘sloppy’ and ‘ill-conceived’, says Nick McCallum

The Andrews Government has done a partial backflip on its plan to sack the Geelong Council.

The government wanted to appoint an administrator for four years to fix the culture of dysfunction and bullying, but the plan couldn’t get through the Upper House.

So now it’s done a deal with the Greens which will give the administrators just one year to achieve it.

And Nick McCallum thinks it’s sloppy politics.

‘Surely, it’s just basic politics to ensure that a drastic plan like sacking a council can get through parliament before you announce it,’ he said.

‘What’s happened has been clumsy. It looks ill-conceived and ill-prepared to have to make such a major change after it’s been announced.

‘It looks like policy on the run.’

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