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Geelong list manager Stephen Wells says Cats ‘working’ towards Zac Smith

Geelong recruiting guru Stephen Wells says the Cats will likely use draft picks to secure Gold Coast ruckman Zac Smith – despite having barely any left.

Geelong has produced a fruitful start to this year’s trade period, securing Scott Selwood, Lachie Henderson and prized recruit Patrick Dangerfield.

Smith also wants to join the Cats.

Wells told 3AW the club was doing its best to make that happen as soon as possible.

‘But as you know, we’ve traded a bit away,’ Geelong’s list manager said with a laugh on Sports Today.

‘We haven’t got a whole lot to give up for Zac at the moment.

‘We’re putting our heads together ? Gold Coast has been terrific about it ? we’re trying to work something out that will end up in Zac at Geelong, but Gold Coast would of course need decent compensation there.

‘We’re working on it.’

As for whether that would likely involve a draft pick or player?

‘It’ll have to be draft picks, I think,’ Wells said.

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