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Geelong residents to trial ‘very promising’ potential COVID-19 vaccine

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About 100 people in Geelong are set to trial a “very promising” potential COVID-19 vaccine.

Geelong is one of several locations around the world selected to run Phase 2 trials of Novavax, an American vaccine candidate.

About 130 Australians took part in Phase 1 trials of the same vaccine in May.

Barwon Health Director of Infectious Diseases, Professor Eugene Athan, said early signs are hopeful.

“From the Phase 1, it looks very promising and effective in terms of generating antibody responses,” he told Alicia Loxley, filling in for Dee Dee.

Professor Athan says he thinks an effective and safe coronavirus vaccine will be developed within the next 18 months.

“Early to mid-next year I think we’re on the horizon to start to see vaccines for a Phase 3,” he said.

“I’m very excited. I think there’s great promise.”

Details on how the vaccine trial will run have not yet been made public by Barwon Health.

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