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Geelong’s libraries under threat

Mayor of Geelong Darren Lyons has told Neil Mitchell he thinks the role of libraries is changing in the digital age and will look at consolidating resources accordingly.

Cr. Darryn Lyons said Geelong councillors must ser?iously consider selling ‘under-utilised’ council assets, including suburban libraries.

‘You’re talking to a Mayor that hates council waste.’ Cr Lyons said. ‘I’m not saying get rid of libraries as a whole, I think they’re important and educational for youth and families.’

Cr. Lyons said that he was looking at consolidating the number of libraries across the Geelong region so that they could be better utilised.

‘The old thing of having a standalone library…what you’ve got to do is get more things into the one building.’

Listen to Neil’s full chat with Darren Lyons