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Geelong woman who sparked the AFL’s ‘Yes’ campaign urges more action

The Geelong mother who sparked the AFL’s ‘Yes’ campaign has urged the organisation to keep the sign at AFL house up until the postal survey is completed.

In 2014 Sharyn Faulkner, seen above with her son Ned, wrote a letter to the AFL and persuaded Gillon McLachlan to take a stance on gay rights.

She told Neil Mitchell it was a shame the ‘Yes’ sign at the front of AFL house was taken down after one day.

“It would be nice to have it left up until at least the survey closes,” Sharyn said.

“The fact that I have to go through this to make my son equal to his brother just absolutely astounds me.

“If they (the AFL) can make a difference to one young gay supporter, then it’s worth it.”

Neil Mitchell also said there were plans to have ‘YES’ painted on the grounds for this weekend’s games, but the idea was scrapped by the AFL.

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